Did Daria Trepova get framed? (2023)

"I was tricked! I was just being used!" - the first words of Daria Trepova, whichhitin the media after the explosion on the Universitetskaya embankment, which led to the death of military commissar Vladlen Tatarsky. Subsequently, the media formed the image of Trepova as a girl who was used for a terrorist attack.

The 26-year-old Petersburger says she didn't know about the explosives in the statuette she gave to Tatarsky. This seems to be indicated by her behavior in Yevgeny Prigozhin's cafe, where the terrorist attack took place: Trepova, having handed the bust to Tatarsky, sat down just a few meters away from him.

At the same time, there are facts that speak against the image of the victim in complete ignorance. In the cafe, Tatarsky recognized Darya by sight, but called Nastya. The girl was seen at several events of Tatarsky - despite the fact that she was not his like-minded person and on February 24, 2022, she participated in an anti-war action. And before the explosion, Daria spoke with a journalist associated with the sabotage group that claimed responsibility for the attack.

"Paper"studied all the available information about Daria Trepova, talked to her friends and talks about inconsistencies in the case of a girl who was fond of medicine and vintage clothes, and now she can sit down for 30 years.

"She's been looking for justice all her life." Friends say only good things about Trepova - for many she was an example

All Trepova's acquaintances who spoke with the media said one thing: it is impossible to imagine that this girl committed such a radical act.

- A very kind and sensitive person, she would never commit murder. And I would never have come to terms with the losses [victims]. She was framed -saidthe day after the explosion, Trepova's husband Dmitry Rylov. Approximately in the same expressions, the girl was described by others. "She's more than a good person,"saidanonymous interlocutor of the channel "78".

A kind person, who never had radical ideas, calls Trepova in a conversation with"Paper"and a friend who has been in contact with Daria since her teenage years. According to the girl, their paths with Trepova diverged a couple of years ago - without a quarrel or a difficult parting, they just began to communicate less. At the same time, the interlocutor"Paper"at some point, she began to worry about the condition of Daria, who, according to her, published medications prescribed for severe depression in stories. But Trepova did not answer her friend's question about whether everything was fine.

- I know that she moved to Moscow, started working there. But I didn’t understand why, and, frankly, I didn’t ask. I thought it was okay that she found herself. I began to publish beautiful photos, to make tattoos. I thought, probably, everything was fixed, - says Trepova's friend.

Daria's friend adds that she taught her a lot and left a "very strong imprint" on her life. - She knew everything, knew how to do everything, understood everything. For me, she is superhuman. I see things in her that I don't see in other people. Inner freedom, or something ... - she says.

Trepova was relatively popular in the Russian-speaking segment of Twitter. There she was known as Dasha Tykovka. Now this account is deleted, but the interlocutor"Paper", who met Trepova through Twitter, describes the content on her page as follows:

- On Twitter they joked on "green circle'that she's all twittertaught to poop. She was not a severely depressed person that everyone pitied. On the contrary, she supported everyone. "Girlboss", mother for all.

According to a friend, Daria had a “difficult relationship” with her mother, and her father died, which the girl was going through hard. On the day of the explosion, it was Trepova’s relatives that the security forces came to in the first place, since they could not immediately find Daria herself - she hid in the apartment of Dmitry Kasintsev, an acquaintance of her husband. Kasintsev is now under house arrest on charges of failure to report a crime.

As far as is known"Paper", there was no political content or any radical ideas on Trepova's social networks. According to interlocutors"Paper", the girl understood politics and was worried about repression in the country. But her struggle was limited to detention at an anti-war rally on February 24, 2022.

Daria is married to a representative of the Libertarian Party of Russia, but she herself was not a member of the party, and the marriage was "joking", astoldfamiliar to Trepova "Agency" and confirmed"Paper"her friend.

The security forces attribute to Trepova a connection with Alexei Navalny's FBK. in the FSBdeclaredthat the girl committed the attack "as a result of repeated appeals from the leaders of the FBK [Leonid] Volkov and [Ivan] Zhdanov." Confirmation that Trepova is somehow connected with the fund or even sympathizes with it,No- exceptinformationchannels connected with the security forces that Trepova's name was on the leaked lists of people who donated money to the FBK. About how the Trepova case can be used to increase pressure on Navalny's supporters,"Paper"toldHere.

- She was not some kind of supporter of direct action, a violent method of struggle. She wasn’t even an activist, she just went to rallies like an ordinary politicized person,” she said."Paper"Trepova's girlfriend on Twitter.

During her school years, Trepova studied in a theater group, entered the university at the Faculty of Medicine, but for unknown reasons she dropped out and got a job in a vintage clothing store on Gorokhovaya Street.

In 2022, Daria left there and, according to her friend, was going to launch her own online store of local brands. “When she quit, she had a direct boost of energy, her eyes burned,” recalled an anonymous acquaintance of Trepova in a conversation with the VChK-OGPU.

Did Daria Trepova get framed? (1)

“Do you remember, Vladlen, I gave you a postcard?” How Trepova became interested in journalism - and what a girl with an anti-war position did at meetings with a Russian military commissar

“There was activism in her, but it was never radicalism. It was just an endless desire for justice. She has been looking for justice all her life."Paper"Trepova's friend.

The day after the explosion, information appeared in the media about another possible passion for Trepova. Telegram channel Shottoldthat Daria "learned journalism" from Roman Popkov.

Popkov is a Russian journalist who has worked with MBKh Media and Vot so, covering the 2020 protests in Belarus in detail. Prior to his journalistic career, he headed the Moscow branch of the National Bolshevik Party of Eduard Limonov, recognized as extremist and banned in Russia, and left it because of a conflict directly with Limonov. Now Popkov is an associate of the ex-State Duma deputy Ilya Ponomarev and works in Ukraine.

Shot information converges withdata"Fontanka", which told the details of the interrogation of Trepova. According to the publication, the girl told investigators that she had been in contact with a certain Ukrainian activist who promised to help her move to Kyiv and work as an editor in one of the local publications.

But first, writes Fontanka, Trepova had to complete test tasks: “to prove that she knows how to fight Russian propaganda here and now.” And for this, she was instructed to attend the events of Vladlen Tatarsky.

Tatarsky, probably, did not just recognize Trepova before his death and trusted her when she said that she had brought a gift taken by the guards - they had already seen each other at other creative evenings. At the beginning of March, Daria evengaveTatarsky several postcards with the military, presumably drawn by herself. She presented them at a meeting with Tatarsky at the nationalist bookstore Listva in Moscow,confirmedstore employees.

- First, she [the girl] took the microphone, asked a question about ideology. After a while, she again took the microphone and said: “Do you remember, Vladlen, I gave you a postcard?” He said, "Oh, is that the one you drew?" She said: “I study at the Academy of Arts at the Faculty of Sculpture. And now I brought you a sculpture to give. They told me at the entrance that it was a bomb, and I left it there, ”told"Paper"an eyewitness to the explosion on Universitetskaya embankment.

Channel "112"noticeda girl resembling Trepova among the participants in a meeting of students with Tatarsky at the Russian New University in Moscow on March 28, five days before the explosion on Universitetskaya embankment.

At the same time, Trepova introduced herself to Tatarsky as Nastya,They sayLeaves employees. It was this name that the military commander called her in a cafe on Universitetskaya embankment, remembering about the postcards.

Presumably, Daria, not in her own name, ran a telegram channel about art “Shards of Holy Miracles”, where she occasionally reposted pro-war channels. In this channel was published - but alreadyremoved- a post with a photograph of the same postcards donated to Tatarsky against the backdrop of "Foliage". The channel was created back in 2021, but contained only photos of couples with "vanilla" and "boy" quotes. The content became art and decor oriented in early December 2022, after a post about “our guys in the trenches” who “stand up no matter what”

The telegram channels connected with the security forces - 112, VChK-OGPU, Shot - wrote, citing a source in the Investigative Committee, that with the help of this channel Trepova could try to ingratiate herself with Tatarsky and his pro-military-minded fans. And on May 11, the telegram channel "Mash on the Moika" without indicating sourcesinformedthat Trepova allegedly copied the appearance and behavior of a real-life student of the Academy of Arts Anastasia: she chose similar clothes, published similar photos and ran a telegram channel with the same content as in Anastasia's channel.

"Mash on the Moika" claims that during a search of Trepova's, they found a fake driver's license in the name of Anastasia. There are no other sources of this information, find the pages of Anastasia, about whom Mash writes,"Paper"failed.

Did Daria Trepova get framed? (2)

“I didn’t give any orders to Dasha.” What role did the alleged killers of Daria Dugina and an associate of Ilya Ponomarev play in the Trepova case?

Trepova's acquaintances with whom they communicated"Paper"and other publications, did not know anything about her passion for journalism and plans to move to Ukraine. But one girl who knew Trepova confirmed"Paper"that she talked with Roman Popkov.

- Dasha told me that she wrote to him, he answered her, praised her tweets. This post was from May. How further their communication developed, I don’t know, she said.

Popkov does not deny that he spoke with Trepova. Hetold, that he was subscribed to her on Twitter, and she - to his channel in the telegram, and sometimes they corresponded. "She was interested in journalism," says Popkov. At the same time, Popkov denies any involvement in the terrorist attack on Universitetskaya embankment. “I didn’t give Dasha any orders,” he wrote on his Telegram channel.

- I did not command the operation to destroy the Tatarsky ghoul, although I regret it - he deserved what he got. It’s hard for me to command such things, if only because in Russia, in the clutches of this regime, there are my mother and younger brother, the journalist said.

In the same post, Popkov noted that “with a team of fellow volunteers” he runs the Rospartizan telegram channel, which is often the first to publish statements by Russian partisan movements claiming responsibility for sabotage and terrorist attacks in Russia. It was the “Rospartizan” controlled by Popkov that on April 4publishedappeal of the "Petersburg column" of the "National Republican Army", which claimed responsibility for the explosion on Universitetskaya embankment.

The same "National Republican Army" in August 2022 claimed responsibility for the murder of propagandist Daria Dugina. Prior to this terrorist attack, the existence of the "NRA" was not known. On August 21, the formation published through Rospartizan and voiced its manifesto through Ilya Ponomarev. Its essence is this:

  • The NRA fighters are former Russian activists, military and politicians.
  • Putin is a usurper of power and a war criminal whom the NRA fighters will “depose and destroy.”
  • The goal of the NRA is to stop the destruction of Russia and its neighbors.
  • "NRA" conducts actions only against representatives of Putin's government, undertakes not to attack civilian objects and civilians. This promise is contradicted by an explosion in a public cafe with dozens of injured civilians. "NRA" through "Rospartizan" explained that the institution belongs to Yevgeny Prigozhin, and the victims "are among the active supporters of the war."

After the murder of Dugina, the NRA stood on a par with the two most famous partisan armed groups - the Freedom of Russia Legion and the Russian Volunteer Corps. At the end of August, these three Russian formations fighting on the side of Ukraine, regularly arranging sabotage and armed actions on the territory of Russia,signedamong themselves "Declaration of the Russian Armed Opposition". The murder of Dugina was followed by a new wave of repressions against journalists and politicians whom the security forces associate with Ilya Ponomarev.

Further activity of the "NRA" was limited to October statements abouttheftdata of employees and customers of the Unisoftware company providing software to the Russian state structures, anddeathcell fighters in Kabardino-Balkaria while trying to mine the railway. The next time the formation appeared in the public field on April 4, when it claimed responsibility for the murder of Tatarsky.

At the same time, it is not clear from the NRA statement how the explosion was organized and why the explosive was eventually handed over by the girl, who apparently did not suspect about the impending terrorist attack. The movement only declared that Trepova was a “hero” who was “captured by ghouls,” and called for fighting for her and supporting her in prison.

New statement afterwardsdidand Roman Popkov. He wrote that Daria is now his personal motive to wish for a speedy end to the war. “Now our names are fused together, it just so happened. Under Putin's rule, Dasha will not be released, and for me this is a motive every day, every hour to work on the destruction of his power. Fortunately, there are tools for this,” Popkov said.

In this post, Popkov indirectly confirmed that he advised Trepova in the direction of journalism. “I remember those childish, naive gonzo texts, reports about dead Moscow that she showed me,” he said.

Did Daria Trepova get framed? (3)

"A man was killed with my hands." What Daria Trepova herself says

At the same time, neither Popkov, nor Ponomarev, nor the "NRA" explain how Trepova was involved in the murder of Tatarsky. “A girl was arrested, and it’s not really clear who she is, and it’s not clear what she has to do with the action,”saidPonomarev on April 13, when most of the circumstances of the explosion had already been established.

Both Popkov, Ponomarev, and the "NRA" appeal to the fact that Trepova is "a person who went to a large number of different protest actions" and "really fought." It is not clear where this information comes from. Trepova's participation in only one anti-war action is reliably known - on February 24, 2022.

In the official version of events, publiclyoutlinedThe FSB and the Investigative Committee, neither Popkov nor the "NRA" appear. But there is another specific defendant in it - a citizen of Ukraine Yuriy Denisov.

It is known that Denisov was born and grew up in the city of Snezhnoye, Donetsk region, visited Mariupol, repeatedly crossed the border of Russia and the self-proclaimed DPR, had registration in the Russian cities of Surgut and Vladimir. on social media likewrites"Agency", he liked posts criticizing Euromaidan.

According to the FSB, in February 2023, Denisov left Ukraine, from where men aged 18 to 60 have been closed since the beginning of the war, and entered Russia through Latvia. Then, according to the FSB, Denisov collected information about Tatarsky, on the eve of the explosion, he sent an explosive device to Trepova by delivery service, and the next day after the explosion, he freely flew from Russia to Turkey through Armenia. Nothing is known about his further fate. On May 17, the Interior Ministry put Denisov on the wanted list.

From all the available information about what Trepova said after the arrest, it follows that she did not suspect that the explosive was embedded in the figurine, but assumed that the figurine was not simple. For example Shotwrotethat the girl allegedly believed that a listening device was installed in the figurine. Trepova's husband spoke in a similar way:

“We talked with Dasha, she did not disclose any details, but from the conversation it was clear that she was absolutely sure that the gift would contain some kind of device that “allows access to a person” and is unlikely to be detected immediately and possibly never. But it definitely wasn't supposed to be a bomb."quotedRylov edition "We can explain".

In the only authorized comment that Trepova, after her arrest,the fieldTo journalists of the Rotunda, the defendant said that she “madly regrets what happened” and survived “purely by accident”. She confirmed that before leaving the vintage clothing store, “a journalist friend offered to move to Ukraine and try himself as a military correspondent,” although she did not talk about any assignments in Russia.

“Over and over again I scroll through all the events in my head. Kanye West once said: "I did not bring you peace, but a sword." And I keep thinking how it happened that I did not notice the sword in my hands. Why did I easily believe that there was nothing dangerous in the package that I was asked to convey, ”wrote Trepova.

“The most unbearable thing is that they killed a man with my hands and maimed dozens,” she said, adding that she has always been against violence, since it only breeds violence. “Well, you yourself understand how they took advantage of this,” she added, speaking of her pacifist views.

Trepova also said that she was unable to reach her mother when the investigators allowed her to make a call. They also told the girl that her mother, on the way to the interrogation, allegedly shouted that she would kill her daughter.

Now Trepova is in the Lefortovo pre-trial detention center. She is accused under two articles: a terrorist attack that caused the death of a person (clause “b” of part 3 of article 205 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation) and illegal carrying of explosives as part of an organized group (part 4 of article 222.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). The first article provides for life imprisonment, but in Russia it cannot be applied to women. Based on the totality of crimes, Daria may faceup to 30 years in prison.

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