How to upload photos from computer to Google Photos? (2023)

Uploading photos from your computer to Google Photos doesn't have to be a complicated task.If you're looking for a more modern way to store and view your photos, Google Photos is for you. But before you can take full advantage of this tool, you need to understand how to upload photos from your computer.In this article, we cover the basic steps to upload your photos to Google Photos from your computer, whether Mac or Windows.We'll show you how to upload photos from any source, using your web browser, downloading the Google Photos app for Mac or Windows, or even using a memory card. So take a few minutes to read this article where we explain step by stepHow to upload your photos from your computer to Google Photos.

1. What is Google Photos? Discover the online photo tool

Google Photosis an innovative online service developed by Google to make it easier to store, share and back up your photo and video files. When it comes to handling media files, Google Photos offers a variety of features. Allow theseorganize, edit and share photos and videos both online and locallyin a simple and intuitive way.

One of the main features of the Google Photos service is its offeringunlimited cloud storagefor storing photos and videos. This allows users to create backup copies of their media files so that they can be accessed from anywhere. In addition, the archive of photos and videos is automatically classified by date, location and face recognition tags.

Google Photos allows its users to edit their photos withcustom effects, basic editing tools, frames and presetsto improve the quality of media files. This reduces the time it takes to make edits and add filters and tags. Users can also access this tool from various devices ranging from smartphones to tablets to computers.

2. How do I upload photos from my computer to Google Photos? A step-by-step guide

In this guide you will find all the necessary tools and steps to upload photos from your computer to Google Photos. It is recommended to useGoogle Chrometo upload multiple photos at once.

Files are uploaded from your computer to the Google Photos library where they can be viewed, organized and shared. These are the following steps to achieve this:

  • Open Chrome and go go to the Google Photos library.
  • As you type, scroll down the page and clickupload photos.
  • Now select the optionOr from your computer.
  • Navigate through File Explorer on your computer until you reach the location where you saved the photos you want to upload.
  • Once the files have been selected, press "Upload".

Would you like to upload photo albums?There's an easier way to upload multiple photos at once. on the screen ofupload photosFrom your Google Photos library, tapupload album.Select the files and pressladen. And done!

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3. Understand the layout and navigability of Google Photos for a successful upload

Google Photos is an image and video storage platform designed with intuitive navigation to make managing your files easier. However, in order to optimize the successful uploading of your content to this platform, there are a few steps and improvements to consider in order to achieve the best performance.

Use Google Photos image quality settings:The popular Google platform offers an image quality feature that allows you to save storage space and ensure better management of your files. The user has the option to save their images in "High Quality" (uncompressed images) or "Original Quality" (uncompressed images uploaded). Depending on which option you choose, the associated storage space will vary.

Using a computer to upload files:If the user is looking for faster file uploads, this is best done from a computer. This is because storing via phones or tablets performs a process that takes more time and resources. From the computer, the user can opt for the folder upload option like from a phone, but is also allowed to upload files individually.

Discover the amazing experience of Google Photos organizing tool:This tool can be used to sort the number of shared files on the platform. The user has the ability to organize content using keyword tags, custom folders, and album paths. In this way, the most successful image upload is performed when the user uses the Google Photos tool to properly arrange their files.

4. Upload multiple photo files from your computer to Google Photos

Uploading multiple photo files from your computer to Google Photos is not a difficult task. Once you sign up for a Google Photos account, you'll find that there are multiple ways to upload photos to Google Photos. The most common method is to useGoogle Photos-AppHow to upload photos from Windows or Mac. Here are the detailed steps to upload multiple photo files from your computer to Google Photos.

First load theGoogle Photos-App. If you are using Windows, download the Windows app from Google's website. If you are using a Mac, download the Mac app from the Google website. After downloading and installing the app, launch it on your computer.

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Second, log in to yourGoogle Photos Account. From the app menu, click Sign In and follow the prompts to sign in to your account. After signing in to Google Photos, you can upload multiple photo files from your computer to Google Photos.

Third, choose thefolder with photosWhat would you like to upload? Click Select Folders to choose the folders that contain the photos you want to upload. Then click "Select" and drag and drop the photos into the folder. When you've added all the photos to the folder, click Get Started.

5. What other file formats can be uploaded to Google Photos from my computer?

File formats supported by Google Photos

Google Photos supports many file formats for uploading to the platform. These include: JPG, PNG, TIFF, DNG, HEIC, MP4, AVIF, MOV, and WEBM. Some formats like WEBM may have some limitations in terms of image quality. Google Photos supports images up to 16MP in size and videos up to 1080p.

To take full advantage of Google Photos features, we recommend users to follow the following image quality improvement tips: Stick to the standard JPEG or PNG formats, keep the correct image orientation, and use less than 16 megapixels. In addition, we recommend that users convert files to a specific format supported by Google Photos before uploading.

It is important to note that Google Photos does not support RAW, SVG, PSD, EPS, EXE, GIF, BMP, DCM, DCR and other untagged formats. Users can compress the files if they are large to ensure the uploading process is faster. Google Photos also allows you to upload files from devices with the latest version of the application.

6. How to share your photos from Google Photos

Start sharing from the app

An easy way to share your photos from Google Photos is by using the app. This app is available for iOS and Android, so you'll need to download it to your mobile device to get started. Follow the steps below to share the photo from your device:

  • Open the Google Photos app
  • Touch the picture you want to share
  • Tap the Share action.
  • Select sharing mode “WhatsApp”, “Email”, etc.

This will open the WhatsApp application, email etc you have selected and you can send the photo once you have filled in the details like recipient and message. This is great for quickly sharing the image you want, as long as the person you're sharing with also has a Google account.

Share a direct link or to an album

If you want to share the photo with someone who doesn't have a Google account, you can do that in a number of ways as well. The first is to send a direct link because once someone clicks on the link, they can safely view the photo without creating an account. Follow these steps to share a direct link:

  • Open the Google Photos app on your mobile device
  • Touch the picture you want to share
  • Tap the Share action, then tap Get Link.
  • Tap "Copy Link" to copy the direct link to your clipboard
  • Share the link to your frequently used apps like WhatsApp, Email, etc.
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Another way to share photos in Google Photos is to share an album, which is a series of linked photos. This is useful when you want to share a series of images over the phone, email, etc. Follow the steps below to create an album:

  • Open the Google Photos app on your mobile device, then tap the menu icon in the top-left corner
  • Tap on "Albums".
  • Tap the (+) button for the Create New Album option.
  • Select the photos you want to add to the album
  • Tap on the "Done" button in the upper right corner when you have selected all your pictures
  • Tap the Share action and select the app you want to use
  • Share the album with your recipient

7. What are the benefits of using the mobile app to access the Google Photos online site?

Fast access from any device. Downloading the Google Photos app allows users to quickly connect from any device, anywhere. This is especially useful for those who use multiple devices to view media, e.g. B. phones, the Internet on different computers or tablets.

Editing and copying functions in one place. Google Photos offers interactive features such as photo editing, copying and creating defined slideshows. All these features allow users to get optimal results. Plus, you can get amazing photo editing results with the default settings without resorting to external tools.

Security. Google Photos ensures the security and privacy of all stored files. These files are never deleted without users' consent. These security features make this Google service a safe way to store and share photos.

Saving photos to the cloud can be an extremely useful and fun experience as it allows you to back up all the important memories that you hold dear. From now on, using Google Photos to store and manage photos taken from your computer is much easier. Sharing your memories safely has never been easier. Start now and discover all the ways Google Photos offers to manage your photos from your computer.

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