Nikita Mikhalkov asked uncomfortable questions about the abomination in Russia (2023)

Nikita Mikhalkov asked uncomfortable questions about the abomination in Russia (1)


Nikita Mikhalkov sees a lot from an unusual point of view and shares his observations with the audience of the Besogon program. In the new issue, the director suggested talking about how "romanticization of abomination" has become a sign of the times, where these "romantics" and inveterate villains come from.

And Nikita Sergeevich began a new issue of "Besogon", which is called "The Romance of Abomination", with the tragic death of a writer, warrior and journalistVladlen Tatarsky. As we know, the actual killer was 26-year-oldDaria Trepova, which brought to the cafe where Tatarsky met with fans, a bust of a journalist loaded with explosives. Such was Trepova's present to him.

How does this "romanticization of abomination" take place?

We will not describe the whole story again - we know it well. But Nikita Mikhalkov drew attention to the names of the killer girl - Trepova, which refers us to the events of 145 years ago, when on January 24, 1878, 28-year-old Vera Zasulich came to the reception of the St. Petersburg mayor Fyodor Trepov. And using the example of Zasulich, Nikita Sergeevich showed how this "romanticization of abomination" takes place.

The terrorist shot at Trepov point-blank. The bullet hit the official in the left side, the wound was non-fatal. Zasulich, who from her youth participated in populist circles, explained her act simply: she was avenging the political prisoner Bogolyubov, whom Trepov ordered to be flogged, although such punishments were already prohibited in Russia at that time. After that, the Narodnaya Volya immediately cast lots on matches, which of them would kill the villainous mayor.

The attempt was so daring that it was decided to hold a demonstrative criminal trial over Zasulich in the hope of a maximum term of 15 or even 20 years of hard labor.

A 42-year-old lawyer took over to defend her.Pyotr Alexandrov, known for his flamboyant performances in the most high-profile cases. Alexandrov had to do the impossible: to arouse the pity of the jury for his client and prove that there was no intention to kill Zasulich. And if it was, then the victim is guilty of it no less, if not more, than the terrorist herself.

Here is an excerpt from his speech in the courtroom:

For the first time, a woman appears here for whom there was no personal interest in the crime, no personal revenge. A woman who, with her crime, connected the struggle for an idea, in the name of someone who was only her brother in misfortune throughout her life.

The jurors almost cried when they listened to Alexandrov's speech. As a result, to thunderous applause, Zasulich was acquitted and released from the courtroom. She soon left for Switzerland. The justification of Zasulich in Russian society, and not only in Russian society, caused a storm of enthusiasm, Nikita Mikhalkov noted.

Russian terror unleashed

The Russian intelligentsia, probably just the intelligentsia that later wrote congratulatory telegrams to the Japanese emperor in connection with the defeat of the Russian fleet, perceived this event as a grandiose victory for liberal thought, democracy, freedom, and so on,” the director continued. “The newspapers of France, Germany, England covered this process and enthusiastically expressed their approval of the court's decision to acquit the terrorist who had committed an attempt on the life of the St. Petersburg mayor.

In fact, the event of January 24, 1878 unleashed the hands of Russian terror. And just three years later he was killed by an exploding bomb thrown by a terroristIgnaty Hrynevytskyi, emperorAlexander II. Four people were killed, including the Emperor and the killer himself, more than 20 people were injured - the Emperor's convoy and passers-by on the street.

And now let's go back to our days and remember what headlines the Western press was full of after the murder of Vladlen Tatarsky:"An activist was arrested in St. Petersburg", "A pacifist was arrested", "Russia accuses dissidents of the murder of a pro-war blogger", "Russia arrested an anti-war activist".

In numerous publications there was no hint that the "pacifist" Trepova committed a terrorist act, that it was a murder. By all means, Western journalists led their readers away from the idea that Trepova had committed a crime. And it would be okay only Western media. What did the liberal say in RussianVictor Shenderovich***?

The murder of Fomin, this Tatarsky, is absolutely legal according to military rules, according to new military rules. If this had happened a year and a half ago, if the secret services of Ukraine had blown up some pro-Putin person in St. Petersburg, it would have been crossing the red line. In our case, there was no crossing over the red line, neither with Dugin nor with Fomine."

And two comedians–Alexander DolgopolovandGarik Hovhannisyanridiculed before the Berlin public this tragic event - the murder of a man and the injury of more than 40 innocent people.

People with a fig in their pocket

Okay, you can say that one is broadcasting from Israel, and the other two are entertaining the public in Berlin. But what is happening here in Moscow? A people's memorial dedicated to the deceased Tatarsky was organized near the Zaryadye park. And the very next day, all the flowers, Russian flags, St. George ribbons and photographs were collected, put in garbage bags to send it all to the trash.

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Who was disturbed by this spontaneous memorial, which was organized by grieving people? Did they break the rules? But why, just 500 meters from this place, for many years there is the same memorial in memory ofBoris Nemtsov? Moreover, here every day someone updates the record with the number of days that have passed since the murder of a liberal politician who supported the Euromaidan in Kyiv and sang the revival of the Bandera movement.

Both people's memorials are located in the same area of ​​Moscow. And looking at such an attitude, I really want to ask the comforts who keep order on the streets: "Whose Crimea?" Or: "What do you think about CBO?" Why are they so swiftly removing the memorial erected in memory of a fighter, writer, brave man, posthumously awarded the Order of Courage, who was buried with military honors? But even if we ask these people such a question, we will not hear the truth, because they have the usual fig in their pocket,

- Nikita Sergeevich is sure. But there are things even more terrible, the director continued: we are presented with a murderer and a terrorist in the image of the Seven-shot Icon of the Mother of God. To what extent should the idea of ​​good and evil be distorted among some citizens in order to present a murderer in the image of the Mother of God to people? And how can one reconcile, in this view, frank mockery of the image of the Mother of God with upholding the abolition of the death penalty?

I will repeat once again what I have been saying for a long time: the death penalty is not a desire to kill, the death penalty is an opportunity to make a person understand the border beyond which non-existence awaits him, Nikita Sergeevich recalled. – And terror should be compensated at least by the understanding that you are committing an act that could end your life too. Is it wrong?

Payment for someone else's death in bitcoins

In addition, one must understand that any terrorist attack against our country is very generously paid for, which there is evidence. For example, the so-called Anti-Corruption Fund*. It would seem that the goals of the fund are quite noble. But here's what was revealed in the course of an investigation conducted by RT journalists.

After the death of military commander Tatarsky, the FBK* organization received the largest donation since the beginning of the year - 3.81 bitcoins, which is equivalent to 110 thousand dollars or 8.8 million rubles. Moreover, Navalny’s team** reportedly received $840,000 in crypto from the start of the CBO in Ukraine until September 2022. In rubles, this is approximately 67 million at the current exchange rate. This is more than in all of 2021.

That is, in this way, through the cryptocurrency, FBK* finances extremist cells in Russia. And a member of one of these cells was Daria Trepova, recruited precisely in order to commit the murder of Tatarsky, - said Nikita Mikhalkov. – I want to recall the words of the publicist Thomas Carlyle. He said: "Every revolution is conceived by romantics, carried out by fanatics, and inveterate scoundrels use its fruits."

And after all, these "romantics" are a special caste. You can recall that the Narodnaya Volya member wrote about the same terrorist Vera ZasulichLev Tikhomirov:

She was a purebred nihilist in appearance. Dirty, unkempt, she always walked around ragged, in torn shoes, or even completely barefoot. But her soul was golden, pure and bright. Extremely sincere.

A beautiful image, don’t find it: an unkempt tattered woman with a pure soul, who can take out a gun and shoot a living person. And we see how the terrorists are trying to "romantically" pull on a "pure, bright soul" on a completely vile description of the appearance.

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And Nikita Sergeevich suggests recalling the first words of Darya Trepova after her arrest, spoken by her with a wry grin:

I understand that I was arrested for being at the scene of the murder of Vladlen Tatarsky ... I brought a figurine there, which exploded.

What else is known about the terrorist? She is a vegetarian, she is a feminist, she is an eco-activist, she is a creative person. And her husband is quite suitable - a political activist, a member of the Libertarian PartyDmitry Rylov, who hid in Georgia with the beginning of mobilization.

And this "creative nature", a vegetarian who pities animals, quite calmly brings a bomb to kill a person who has done nothing wrong to her. Isn't this a "romanticization of abomination"? And now they are collecting money for vegan cuisine so that she can eat what she is used to.

Multiplication of evil...

We all the time run into the latent multiplication of evil, Nikita Mikhalkov emphasized. And this happens due to the fact that a part of society passes off crime as noble intentions. In general, impunity and romanticization of abomination is a sign of our time today. A transgender man who, for no reason, opened fire at an American school - he, it turns out, was infringed on his rights.

And the killer from Kazan, who shot children? Yes, he is sentenced to life in prison. But how many comments we read: “What a pity for him, such a pretty boy…”

What is this? Absolute insensitivity towards someone else's grief until the moment when it does not concern you?

Today's world is set to destroy a person, state, nationality, culture, language, and so on. And the tool in this struggle is the "romanticization of abomination."

* FBK is recognized in Russia as a foreign agent, as well as an extremist organization and is banned.

**Alexei Navalny is recognized in Russia as a terrorist and extremist.

*** Viktor Shenderovich is recognized as a foreign agent in Russia


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